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The real MilSim sniper fear – Kicking Mustang

Sniping in airsoft is right now somewhat of a speed softers deal. And because of the CoD type of gameplay that is very popular it works well…in speedsoft kind of games. But as fast as there is a somewhat of a MilSim element you are only a player with a gun and then other tactics are needed.

A real snipers work is in a whole lot of other practices than just pulling the trigger. For real world it’s math (mostly for the bullets) and observation (that includes letting others know what the hell is going on). Going to the MilSim side of things using a sniper as any regular old Joe is usually not the case. For larger/longer ops that have some kind of objective/in game leaders snipers and spotters usually get tasked with 2 things.

First is always to observe enemy movement and when given the chance harass the enemy. Second is usually try to take out the leader or key personnel in the enemy team.

The first part is quite easy anyway you dress/play since an ambush point is already pointed out. But here comes the part of ambushes/harassment that is key in these type of game plays. If the enemy see a guy running away with a sniper rifle they can usually put two and two together (usually being the key word since we’re airsofters and not all military). But the point os this being is to be able to take people out and leave the area still letting the enemy search for nothing. Taking up time and diminishing morale to want to operate in that certain area. This means that the area is then able to be used as a way in for regular forces (of course depending on distance to the enemy base, if it’s close they will probably watch it even more).

Second part is to take out key personnel and they are probably in the heart of everything and that will be needing sneaking and stalking techniques. Here it takes a completely different mentality to succeed where a run and gun isn’t probably the best way. And here lies the beauty of a person that really studies everything else than just the pulling of triggers. And that segway brings me of course to the person that is already mentioned in the title – Kicking Mustang himself.

I really admire his gameplay because of the different play styles he uses. Mostly what really tickles me is the times of bigger games and him being in an ambush position and taking every movement into consideration and picking his shots when and who to target. And here lies the benefit of the concealment. In airsoft when people “die” they usually take their hit and then look around for who hit them. One might say that it’s cheating , but unless the do the “dead man talk” they want to know what they did wrong to land in that position. It’s natural and it’s the benefit you get when not getting killed for real. It improves you to the next time. And if they don’t see or hear you they will need a lot more thought into improving.

And this sets aside Mr. Mustang from the typical youtube flexing and getting to know the heart pounding moments the players are more or less standing right on top of you and not getting try to shoot them in a blaze of glory. But keeping cool and taking notice of everything around you to get out of that situation in game and unnoticed.

I surely enjoy watching his videos more than other creators and getting a lot of variation of all the different gameplays he uses his skill in. Check him out and get into the more challenging part of the game, getting stepped on for the element of suprise.

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