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Maple Leaf Flat Hop nub

Finally some more writing on the wall. I had some problems when it came to my sniper after installing the Maple Leaf Monster rubber. I wasn’t getting the lift i wanted. I was just at the end of the hop up of the TM L96 AWS dial and that wouldn’t cut it. So i got a Maple leaf flat hop nub. It worked somewhat better, but when BB’s are rolling through the barrel still at 0 hop effect it’s still a problem.


So i checked up online on what people had been doing and i came across this:

There the basics of what needs to be done is to get something between the arm and the plastic piece holding the nub. And that something needed to be flat enough to give good pressure down to not have a curve in the air. So i took an old nub that had really thin walls and cut it in half. It fit perfectly, and in my video about this i show wire insulation, but as i checked after making the video the old nub could have might as well come from that wire.

Had a chance to test it after the release of the video and i had a left curve. But after getting home i noticed that i hadn’t taken the right procedure of checking the alignment of the barrel vs hop chamber. Rotated the inner barrel just a bit and double checked that the nub came down dead center and no angle and put it back. Went out for a fast test shooting before it got dark. Got of a couple and i saw how straight they went and i can’t wait of using it in a game.

Check out the video where I show you the difference of the original and the flat nub.

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4 Responses to Maple Leaf Flat Hop nub

  1. Gary says:

    Hi, thanks for your information on the hop mod. I have just bought a fully PDI upgraded TM L96 and I cant wait to do this to it now! Do you have any videos of it in use since you did the mod?

    • Senchoo says:

      Do you mean videos as of the mod or the usage of the weapon after the mod?
      I have used it to some extent, although i have been quite inactive lately (as you can tell about the answer of your comments waiting time).

      But since i started using the maple leaf bucking with a Orga barrel the precision up to 50 meters is amazing. After that the FPS drop really shows and i can get shots on target about 80 meters. As the cylinder volume is to small for a long barrel (even it’s standard one) it has no extra air outside after a shot. So even with a foam filled silencer it is dead quiet.

      If you would ask me today what system i would choose i would say either a VSR-10 with a PDI bore up setup (R-hopped), or a VSR 10 with the Mancraft SDiK. The TM L96 is limited to it’s own because of the loading system.

      But again, videos…you like them, i should try to make them. Keep tuned! And thanks for checking out my blog.

  2. Ray G says:

    Hi I want to make my VSR 10 by Tokyo Marui look like a beast, when it comes in distance and precision.
    I was thinking about, laylax prometheus inner barrel and a flat hop …but what upgrades should I do ? Can someone help on this?

    • Senchoo says:

      If you want a fast and easy upgrade to make sure you get excellent performance without needing to try a lot of thing. Go EDGI upgrades. Same as Novritsch has in his shop except much cheaper (still the same stuff anyway).

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