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Well for an overview and to summarize it all in one word: Awesome

Magpul had after their glory days with Chris and Travis as their dogs on leashes had a great run both in the shooting/combat parts, but also in airsoft. They had all we wanted, light and reliable parts. It was at least a suprise for me that after all the praise they got for everything in the airsoft community that they just packed everything and left.

They had the right reasons where airsoft parts were being sold as real gun parts. Therefor ensuring the safety of people using their products not to be hurt or get killed because of misplaced parts. But what i don’t understand is why they didn’t keep going with their PMAG’s. They are not mistakable for real ones and if someone still tries…well…then they shouldn’t use guns at all.

But to the Pmag for PTW’s (CTW and so on) they are awesome. They fit almost perfectly in the magwell and feed incredibly well, if you have a new spring. I’ve heard that the springs inside gets weak a little faster than others and needs to be replaced. I had my luck to get my hands on 4 of these with completely new springs and they were a dream. Until I replaced my hop unit.

Now i needed 3 layers of electrical tape on the front end, but now they fit like a dream and feed perfectly.

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