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Kireru: Disruptive Society

There’s a lot of colorful people in this world, but then we’ve got Kireru…or Mr. Deadpool Hands for short.

From the first day I’ve met him he’s been really fun to talk to and has great ideas, in what I mean humor. Think of Deadpool character in real life without the red suit or metamorphic reanimation from the dead. Now there’s a lot more to know about him than what you think from first talking to him. And I’m going to give you some brief history.

I did meet Thomas sometime back at my first IWA and was pleasantly surprised of how “real” he was. There wasn’t a lot of very formal talk as there were in all the others booths but genuine talk right from the start. And if you ever meet him you either love him for it or hate him because you weren’t expecting it. Anyhow all these years after I still look forward to meet him every year because you only get more to talk about.

Thomas works as a sales rep/marketing magician for a very big brand name (if you don’t know which one you really need to stay updated) and from the work he shows, he is very good. And he’s been busy with a side project that was him playing airsoft and other media project that was called “Kireru Airsoft” and was a good wholesome mix of humor and tactical airsoft. Since end of last year his brand has been changing together with his work to become “Kireru: Disruptive Society” which is to move away from the traditional airsoft skirmishes into more serious fun to show more of that side that uses airsoft as a means of training than just slinging plastic.

On the note of using airsoft as a means of training Thomas also does some work for Project Gecko helping out grabbing footage from the courses as both the camera guy and as a participant resulting in very enjoyable work. What he’s also been doing is some reviews of pants, energy drinks and boxes containing big black <redacted>. Best part is that there’s a lot of thought that goes into his reviews and not just a reading of what it says on the box. I hope too see him much more in the future and maybe some collaboration or something. Until then, enjoy!

Check out his website and make sure to check out the new patches. If you tell him i sent you, you’ll either get to pay more or maybe get a personal note…one or the other. Link to the patch!

An oh yea, there’s this weird video from a_random_guy for some kind of event or something.

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