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EDGE EyePro – Part 1 – The company, promises and coming tests

There’s a lot of eyepro on the market and we have all different functions we like and dislike. For me personally it’s of course the impact resistance (well duh), but secondly i really hate when eyepro fogs up. I don’t know how many times i’ve gotten really mad at an alarming rate when i’ve just made a dash getting to a good spot just to lose my cool BECAUSE I CAN’T FUCKING SEE THROUGH THE MYSTICAL FOG SURROUNDING THE BLACK PEARL!

Well i have tried ops-drops on some and gotten a better result, but putting my mental health issues in the caring love of a bottle is maybe not the way to go….

The Company

First time i ever heard about Edge was in the summer of 2016 where i was at an “airsoftcon” and Marcus from Fondprodukter was talking about how they didn’t fog up out of the box. Yea right i said and he gave me a pair of “Sharp Edge” with clear lenses. Let’s keep them there for now. Edge is a brand by Wolf Peak International, Inc. (WPI). WPI was founded back in 1998 and would be the first company to make polarized safety glasses. It’s a story i won’t try to remake since it’s already written down here ( Now i wished that they would’ve written more about their innovations and people than the size of rooms. But i get it that being there from the start and seeing what you can evolve to is a great story for the owner. They use the sentence “Today, Edge Eyewear is known for its exceptionally designed products, marketing literature, displays, website, and packaging.” that for me is a little iffy. Since the tactical line comes in a small plastic bag in a small box i have a hard time thinking that packaging is what they are known for. Now i like that the packaging is really cheap, but i would list fog protection inside the eyepro than something you throw away within the first 5 minutes of trying them on (the box not glasses, silly).

The Promise

Ok so it’s no real promises from them so to say. It’s almost like really looking at the fine print on mechanix gloves to understand it doesn’t promise to protect you at all. For Edge it’s a little different story since they follow , drum rolls please, standards!!!! Now some companies make a big fuss about having 1 pair of super cool tactical glasses becoming ANSI Z87+ compliant.  But Edge has that in the bag of all their products so for us plastic pellet slingers it’s more than enough protection, and that goes for the frames as well!

But let’s get to the fun part that is the big thing. The Vapor Shield technology. Why is that a big deal? For me that means that i don’t need any extra things to enjoy my weekend other than safety glasses and the soft bag they come in. Because they just need to be kept somewhat clean to have the vapor shield engaged. I say that the first time you sweat and it starts getting on the lenses (just like op-drops) it only needs a small wipe and they are good to go. This was the best thing since i first time tried active earpro and could hear a fart at about 50 meters. Hot damn!

The Tests

Remember those glasses Marcus gave me back in 2016…(whilst i was writing this i remembered a vague memory from Marcus telling me to not say i got them from him, but i think that 3 years is more than enough time to make everything OK)…i still have them and they outlived my Smith Optics Aegis Echo lenses. So i can already say that the heat + sweat test is already passed on the clear lenses. Anyhow here is the list of things i would like to cover in the 3 part series, or 4 part…I haven’t decided yet.

  • Build quality (QC and model)
  • Functionality with Earpro (MSA Sordins Gel and Comtac XPi regular)
  • Sweat and stop, Vapor Shield (my fat ass will run with the glasses)
  • Clarence and functionality with NVG (the models, not lens color)
  • Recommendation for Airsoft/Force on Force gaps
  • What Lens color works in different environments

The different models that will be a part of the test is:

  1. Sharp Edge, Clear Lens – Vapor Shield, Thin Temple (SSE611-TT) – Supplied by Fondprodukter, ~3 Years old
  2. Hamel, G-15 Lens – Vapor Shield, Thin Temple (XH63-G15-TT) – Bought full price from
  3. Blade Runner, Tiger’s Eye Lens – Vapor Shield, Pre-Applied Gasket (GSBR610) – Bought full price from

Join me in the next part where i tell you about how i couldn’t walk the day after the run tests and how much i hate myself. Or just for the results of the tests (the majority of them any way.)

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