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Published on September 19th, 2012 | by Senchoo


I got a PTW/CTW…apperantly

Well. I finally fell into the peer-presure. I got myself a PTW.

Or at least the upper is PTW and the lower is CTW. Including the electronics. I bought it second hand and right now getting the hang of how the mechanics work.

Now i know that all the AEG project were fun. But as the same time my team needs help with AEGs i don’t feel like doing my own guns aswell so i bought this as a breath of fresh air.

Now after getting this beaty i understand how they say that AEG design has been falling behind in the evolution of the airsoft market. This is a little why i like ICS, if they only would try to co-operate with a MOSFET company they would have a perfect gun for a resnable price.

What did this gun cost me then? About 1200$, pretty step price yes. But the respons is awesome! Trigger feels totally diffrent from all the AEG triggers i have feelt (incl MOSFET and none).

So i will be looking into the depths of this gun, and also i will be on a “Operator Basics”-training course with my girlfriend. If she thinks she can force me to dance she will have to be exposed to my world aswell. And oh yea…i’m back 😉

Enjoy the music of Crowdburn as they take on a well known dub-step song


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