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Published on October 5th, 2012 | by Senchoo


French and Swedish airsoft videos

Thought about putting a category about videos. And now it’s here 🙂

First off i will say that videos in this category will always be gameplay fotage in mostly from the players perspective.
Eg. Scoutthedoggie has nice vids and alots of them, but they do not amuse me that much. So i find alternatives.

Some of those who will be listed are: KhanSeb, Tactical Black Cats, Multicam Skull Killerz, Swedish players, Green Moutain Rangers.

And i am following them on Youtube for what they comment to find more players. If you have a video you want me to post just comment and i will look at it. Just make it legit because i get alot of spam.

Well first out is Kitty Killa. A French video at a place where most of the french players that i have listed played.
Looks to be a gigantic place and if i’m ever in france i hope to be able to play there.

Second is from Tactical Black Cats at what i think is the same place as the first one.

Bonus from Tactical Black Cats. Remeber to start subtitles.

Now a Swedish game from Tvaettis. The game was Container Yard Challange and was in Gothenburg Sweden

Webdiddy was also in the same game and here he has taken his film and edited to a dubstep track. Really nice editing.

This was all for the first post. I will make the next posts a little more genre oriented.

Remember to visit the videos channels and check the rest of their videos. And also to subscribe so you dont miss anything.

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