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Mechanix Gloves and PTW/CTW update


So just got a hold of a new pair of gloves.
I used garden gloves before because of the lightweight and i could feel everything at the same time protecting my hands.

But i heard so much good about the mechanix gloves so i couldn’t pass the opportunity when my gloves failed to not test something new.
Already at the store i felt it to be a new experiance. I tried on the medium size and everything worked except that the fingers were just to short with like a millimeter or something. I then tried the Large and there the fingers were really good, except on my pinky where it was 3 millimeters to long.

But I got the Large ones anyway just because of the fit on the rest of the fingers. Maybe now in hindsight should have gotten the medium size. But that day that sorrow. And oh yes, i got a pair to my girlfriend since she was on the Operator Basics course. And she had these more fluffy gloves that get stuck on every piece of Velcro ever. Plus she needed new gloves for the Swedish autumn/winter.

How this test will be performed is as following:

Me as airsofter. I will be using it in the field this weekend as a MILSIM is underway. Also as a civilian gloves just from going to and from work. I am quite warm person so even my garden gloves usually worked lovely with about 0 degrees (Celsius) weather. So hopefully i will get to try it in some warm weather as well.

My girlfriend was although easy to get cold hands even in somewhat OK warm weather (+8 degrees). So she will be mostly trying it out in civilian purposes. I haven’t told her to test them so she will be using them unknowingly for this test.

Will get back after this weekend how they held up. But i’m having my hopes up.

Now to the CTW/PTW i got for some time ago. After Operator Basics I noticed it wasn’t shooting straight. So i looked at it with some PTW-users that had more experience than me on what could be wrong. Well, it was the barrel. Looked like it hadn’t been used in quite some time because it had some smudge in it that looked like dust had been sitting there for a really long time.

And since the barrel is a PDI 6,01 (which is more like 6,001) it is for the first really picky on what type of BB’s (like a PTW wasn’t already that) and also that things in the barrel will make it really shoot weird. So I had to clean the barrel for a loooooooong time. Silicon oil and a de-jamming rod and a hell of alot of time. Now after that it is shooting as a dream. Used it in the Container Yard game that was for 2 weeks ago. Will do a airsoft video post about that game a little later.

And just a shoutout for everybody reading this. I would like to have a collection of airsoft bloggers. No matter how new you are to the game or how PRO you are, even if you only put up some videos. I will be putting this in a seperate category and will be giving your site a fast review for what people are to expect when they visit your site. Company blogs are fine to, but i will be privileging the “little guy”.

Also thinking about testing and send a webcast when i am doing a upgrade or something. Maybe a fast review of something or what ever.

And last but not least. All you spammers and people who want me to link to your site by giving me comments like:
“You site is really good. Airsofting at it’s finest”
“Wow, incredible weblog layout! How lengthy have you been blogging for? you made running a blog glance easy. The total glance of your website is fantastic, let alone the content!”
I will have you informed that i always add rel=nofollow to all the comment links. So google won’t care about your ass even if i put it up. But if you give me some real content in the comments and you are NOT a shop i will be gladly taking the nofollow away.


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