Published on November 7th, 2012 | by Senchoo


PTW/CTW update

Played this weekend with the TW and it went perfect. Although a little to much hop all the time even if i put it to zero. So thinking to get a STTS hop that one can fix with fingers instead of tools. Also that it’s a ICS type of hop-unit.

Other than that i found a suppressor lying around which now will be on my gun. It’s short but it actually makes the noise going forward a bit less sharp.

Other than that i will write an update of the Mechanix gloves tonight to say what they have been through and what the verdict is.

I will also soon maybe do a HK416 for a PTW just because it’s my favorite gun in the world, but AEGs i do not want to go back to, also cold weather makes GBBR a maybe not so good 😛 Later on that.

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