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Mechanix gloves review

Well. Now i have tried them out now under a game and i wasn’t nice.
They got through water and land torture. Also they withstood an Enola Gaye grenades firetimer.

First off i have to say it’s a very comfortable glove and it fits very well. The elastic material they use is spot-on. But then again they still haven’t got it right in the stitching, both the stitching on the velcro that is on palm side of the glove and on the opposite side.

Other than that i am very pleased with the gloves. As i said before i am a little warmer in my body so even if the gloves were wet i wasn’t getting cold. The temperature was about +4 – +8 celsius. And here is where i got impressed by the material. It took about 20-30 minutes for it to dry after i’ve stopped working with cold, wet sandbags. So i can see why they are so popular among operators within the military and us airsoft players.

But as i say this they work great when working. The fake leather inside the palms make it really easy to grip stuff, but as you stop working and the heat in the body goes down so does it in the gloves. So never think these gloves are for everything. So when you stop working with them and you want to keep your hands warm put them inside pockets or between vest and body.

All and all i give it a thumbs up. Except the swedish market. A pair of Mechanix in the us stretch about 25 dollars. Here in sweden it’s double the price. $55 to be more specific which is a bit too much for a pair of gloves. But i’m guessing that it’s just because they are “the shit” right now.

My girlfriend also give them thumbs up for when you move. But standing still is not as good since she gets cold hands fast. So after 15 minutes standing still her hands start getting cold.

So that was that for the review. I will not give out stars or anything since i have given you the picture i got and you must see for yourself if this glove fits your need. As an outdoor glove for fun they are good as long as you keep your bodyheat up. As a glove for winter for just walking round, probably no.

On an other note i have been talking to a CTW distributor here in Sweden and we will try a proof of concept later on at the beginning of the next month. It will be interesting and you get to know all about it. Since i believe the PTW-platform is the next step in the airsoft-market.

But just so you keep tuned in…here’s a hint….416 😉

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