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Published on November 19th, 2012 | by Senchoo


Swedish videos

So let’s have some more videos.

Here are a couple of videos from a user named VargFtRazer. Not much to say more than they are playing at a site here in sweden called Frysen.

In this first video we follow him taking a kill streak whilst being a little sneaky. Although it ends by an opfor that was paying attension that something was not right.

More than that he also have some reviews. Here is one about the WE Glock 18C, although he doesn’t say much he show function of the gun.

More than that i have found a extra blogg that is fun to read. It is in Swedish so get your google translate warmed up. It is still under construction, but it has potential since they are 2 writers. It can be found here (DerpAirsoft)

And for that cliffhanger in the last post we are now even closer to getting it together 🙂 So hold on 😉

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