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Para-cord survival bracelet

If you’re like me you usually break every piece of nice bracelets you have. No matter if their in gold, silver or god damn Nokia 3310.

But if it’s going to break you still want to have some use of it instead of having to go to a jewelry store to get it fixed. So a long tradition of knotting paracord has it’s advantages. Since pilots ejected they used the cord from their parachutes to use in all survival situations to be able to hunt, fish or just tie their shoe.

And then if you’re still like me you have no fine motor skills to be able to knot a bracelet for yourself. Then we have friends or shops that take their time to tie you one.

So i got my hands on a couple from a hobby para-cord weaver. You can get in touch with her here: Creative Mira’s Facebook page

You can order more or less anything and she will try to make it according to your specifications. And don’t think it’s all got to be tacticool, check her FB-page out and se if there’s anything you like.

Well, on to the review. First off i have to say that i have used these bracelets during the course of about 3 weeks and not giving them a break.

The larger one was the first one out. And already in the beginning i noticed that it was a little tight around my arm. But then again it was a little of my fault since Mira asked how long they should be and I said how long it was around my arm without adding. So now in hindsight I realize that she was asking about how long i wanted the bracelet, shame on me. But then again the only thing giving in after a while when I flexed my arm it was the plastic buckle.

It didn’t get destroyed, only released from one another. But after a while of usage it wasn’t as tight around my arm and it started to fit quite nicely. The weave of the bigger one is called Ladder Rack and if you want a weave that isn’t bulky, this one is the way to go.

The second one, known as the Quick Release Cobra Weave, is a more of the traditional survival bracelet which is, as the name implies, a quick release bracelet. That’s not pointing at the buckle but the knot is just to tare apart and you will get both cords in your hands in a matter on seconds.

I have nothing really bad to say about this one except that the ends that are put together and burned stick out a little which can irritate the skin. But a little quick fix with a little fire and the problem is gone.

For the pricing it’s a little higher than already weaved bracelets from like Begadi Shop. But here you know you will be getting 550 para-cord to your specifications. Pricing is materials plus a little extra for the work. And in my book to get something custom made for just an little bit extra in price is nothing but fair.

So if you are shipping out to Afghanistan and don’t have the time to learn how to weave one for youself, give her a try and you can afford to learn how to when you are there without having to give up the safety of having one ready.

And for you ladies: There are a lot of styles of para-cord!

And if you think that it will only be para-cord you will be amazed how you can weave it all. So go check it out and see if there’s something that catches your eye!
Official Creative Mira’s Facebookpage

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