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Socom Gear Punisher 1911

So i have had this gun i my possession for quite some time. Although as a trophygun more than a skirmish gun.

First off it’s a 1911, just as any 1911 from Socom Gear. But instead of getting threaded barrel and the more tacticool backup weapon you get a nice gun replica from a movie. But then again if you wnat to have it like in the movie you will need to have two.


Looks and usability:
As said it’s a replica from the movie Punisher where the compensator and color scheme is as in the movie (Go watch it, it’s really good). But as a airsoftgun it functions as any Socom Gear gun would. It works and it’s fairly accurate.

But i have always thought that compensators on airsoftguns is more or less useless. After trying the gun without comp and shooting i feelt that the blow back was snappy and gave a little kick. I also tried to focus on how much the recoil unset my sights, because the compensator is there to reduce the upwards climbing of the muzzle. After a magazine of shooting i changed the standard silver front with the compensator end, gased up my magazine and started shooting again. I must say that the slide maybe cycled a little slower because of the higher weight, but i got on target faster since i didn’t get as much muzzleclimb as before.

   Overall and compability:

But as a skirmish gun if you like a clean 1911 two-toned it fits the need. It takes WE style mags so they a bit cheaper than lets say TM. Although they are compatible with each others mags. The engraving is really nice. No need for official licensing when it already says “No Mercy” and “Punisher .45” on the sides.

It also disassembles like any airsoft 1911 and is compatible with any part for a WE 1911. It’s somewhat of a gas-guzzler if you know what i mean, but one filling of gas last through one mag without dropping power. Why i usually don’t get any 1911 myself is just that the magazines are so small that they cant take in gas for a second mag. But then again all guns are diffrent and it will always come down to speed of slide vs strength of hammerspring. That’s mostly why plastic slides have better use of gas even in cold weather.

The hop-up is very responsive for small changes and also holds its position after firing. It’s a classic TM hop design. And in the housing its a VSR-style rubber. If you want to upgrade the gun without doing anything to springs just change out the hop-rubber to a Nineball air-seal hop rubber. It will change performance dramatically with both power and accuracy. And usually one rubber costs about 5 dollars. But if you have any gunsystem that uses VSR-style rubbers, always go with an air-seal version instead. There are several versions from manufacturers (Firefly, Nineball are the ones i have used). Firefly tends to break up after some time at least in high power snipers, but Nineball has never let me down.

Last words:
Well it looks nice and responds well with the compensator on. Although i will still not be using 1911 because of the mags and the lack of gas contained in them. I am more of a glock-guy and you maybe see this as favorism. If i would use a 1911 for games it would be a hi-capa since the issue with the mags are solved.

But i have this gun on my bookshelf just because it looks awesome. And it will probably stay there and get some time in my hands next time i have a upgrade piece or accessory to review on it.

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