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Snigeldesign Platecarrier PAL-10

I have never been that much of a “Real-Steel” guy. I got one AK-47 that has lots of RS-parts, but i bought it mostly because it’s a Inokatsu AIMS. It’s more of airsoft history than just eyecandy.

So then i thought after been playing since 2005 that i need to update my vest since i have been feeling that my CIRAS has been too bulky for my taste. And the molle backpack was good…except that i had to take off the entire vest to be able to get ahold of the contents.

And after some soul-searching and chairsofting i found this lovely vest in a post. It’s the Snigeldesign PAL-10. Snigeldesign is maybe not the most know RS manufacturer in the world, but little did you know that they actually are the ones who supplied the Swedish Armed Forces with the “Stridväst 2000” and other gear. So they know what they are doing.


Why i chose it is mostly because of 2 things

  1. I wanted a vest to suit both assault-type and sniper-type loadouts (aka lightweight and “loaded”)
  2. It had to be able to carry diffrent type of magazines without me having to buy extra pouches.

And a platecarrier with integrated magazine-pouches was more or less a shoe-in for me. Trying out the vest with different magazines shows that it works really good with a whole lot o f magazines. The ones i had to my advantage was STANAG (Systema), L96 (Marui), AK47(RS-converted) and RPK (RS-converted). They all worked except that the RPK-mags weren’t able to get the bungee-cord above it, but still stuck in there because of the friction.

The first picture to the left is the front plate-pouch that has the room for a plate and also some smaller pockets for simpler personal things. On the right is one of the side plate pouch which can be used for either a plate or personal belongings.

I have tried it out as a assaultvest now during an game. I can say that if used for assault some type of dump pouch is required since the bungee cord gets a little in the way for being able to slide the mag back in. And cutting the bungeecord off isn’t that good since the pouches aren’t specifically made for M4-mags they don’t sit as tight as a Tactical Tailor pouch.

Will be trying the vest out in a sniper setup soon during a game. Overall i am very pleased with the vest. It didn’t weigh down my neck as other chest-riggs and still kept all my gear nice and tight against my body without getting in the way.

It is available in OD and Grey in some stores in Sweden. it can also be upgraded with a back plate carrier (PAL-11). See you out on the field, and also i have bought a Contour camera so lets see what i can get on film.

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