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Published on December 29th, 2011 | by Senchoo


BF3 as practice: Totally OK!

Well right now it is winter here in Sweden and airsoft is somewhat laying low. But i still would like to play. So why not play BF3 with a couple of friends?

And not your typical “let’s shoot and rush” as you would normally think. But a more tactical way of fighting. As we snipe, me and my buddy, i use the SOFLAM as a laser designator while he sits in a tank a little bit back. Or when we both are snipers and communicate where the enemy is and who should bate enemy snipers.

So playing with a couple of close friends using some real world tactics and practicing communication over voice is very good so you get to know how your teammates think in different situations. And also i like BF3…just check my logo at the top.

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Started airsoft back in 2005. Now mostly working a day job and getting into the details of gear, optics and NVG.

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