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Farmen Games – My story

Well we had arrived at Bräcke where the zombie apocalypse. Me and my crew had put up our tent getting ready to infiltrate the civilians  the day after.

The time was now 17:00 on Friday and people had just started moving around in town. The city we were stationed in was Argentum where most of the usual and mercenaries where stationed. It didnt take long until we saw a group of 5 girls an a guy looked as if they took refuge in the city. Didnt take long for us to see that they zombies were after them. Looked as if they counted that we were to spend our bullets to save their asses. I had 25 bullets and none were going to save any weak humans. Since we were undercover we didn’t expect them to see any difference between us or the mortal. We decided to get into our car and drive away to explore the things around. The Freedom Army (FA) had moved up to a bunker just next to us and held it.

We took our car and drove to the mine that was nearby, there we saw a group of about 10-15 people going to the city of Reprehendo which was a city of a more religious impact. More or less they were the biblenuts with guns. But they always saw the good in humanity and if someone needed any help they were there for the greater good…poor bastards. We didn’t engage right there and there since we didn’t know the surrounding area very well, but we went to the mine to check if we could find anything. Or at least me…since i was playing the role of a secretary but got promoted there and then to security i was alone at the mine. Although the zombies hadn’t arrived just yet.

After not finding anything of value we went down to the city again. Now since we still saw some zombie in town we drove past it and saw what we could find at the FA site. They were uptight and tense as always. Must be because they feel that everyone is trying to stab them in the back. But for some good reason, we were trying. We went back down to reprehendo to check the size of the city. Nothing impressive at all. There were 2 tents and a campfire, seems like they were giving everything away. As i was standing at the car waiting for teamleader to come back we were aproached by one kind of young girl together with 2 guys. They asked what we were doing in the region.

I said we were there under the NWI flag to check on our companies belonings. I knew that it was a lie and tried to hold my face straight. Well i wasn’t letting her of that easily without asking where she was from. North America she said, sounded like a very long way to go i said. Well, things brings us together. I knew there was something fishy going on when i asked where her friends come from and they didn’t answer but she said from all over. Now the cat got you tongue  was a question that i wanted to ask, but i skipped it. “So what brings you here?” i asked her as politely as i could. “Work” she answers, and later asking if we had any for her. Since i had such a creepy feeling from this girl and the other two i said i would keep in touch. I lied, and i knew i was doing it. Think she knew as well since she didn’t even tell me her name. There had to be something going on since people that are mercinaries don’t have that great skin when out in the woods.

Our team leader came back with the info that we wern’t allowed to go through the checkpoint in reprehendo. Oh well, we can always drive around it. And that we did. It had gone about 2,5 hours of this workday but already people weren’t really scared that we were close. We kept driving around and talking to people and kept lying about ourselfs. We had contact with the unknown commander throughout the day. They had quite a small amount of bullets. But we got the missions to grab all the cash and go in to town to buy bullets.

During the evening of that day we got restless and thought we should gear up in some “unknown”-gear and attack reprehendo, just for kicks. While going there we pass a graveyard where it looks like some bodies have been dug up. There was also a bunker there just like the one FA had driven to before. We didn’t think more of that just keept sneaking towards the city. Out of nowhere a 4×4 came driving down the road and stopped at the bunker. 5 men jumped of and started pointing their guns into the woods where we are. My muzzle was meet by the light coming from their guns, we were pinting straight towards each other. I could see that it was umbrella soldiers. The lights keept swiping over the woods, some times they stopped directly pointed at me. I was so ready to start shooting, but i held my fire waiting for them to aknowledge our presence. “Clear!” one soldier from the bunker said giving the rest of the soldiers the signal to mount up. They drove away again….now the bunker was interesting. I sneaked around it whilst my team was waiting and holding point. I saw a small display and tried to se how to operate. Couldn’t really get it to work so i call one of my teammates over to check it as well.

He pressed the screen and it lit up as the fouth of july…before the apocalypse anyway. “Abort Process” one button said..OK said my teammate and pressed it…and then it said “selfdestruct DP”…sure whatever. A countdown of 10 minutes started and we saw that we now needed to hold this point for 10 minutes. We got the element of suprise so it shouldn’t be a problem. we held it and it exploded. It was now time to go back home after a great days work.

Morning…we had just eaten breakfast and also done our morning routines we now headed out to Argentum to buy more bullets. Started out that we start going around trying to get some more missions done. Although one that is important to find Ravenborn so that we can to some opium plants wasn’t going great. A lot of people were searching but no-one knew who it was. We stopped a while in Argentum and started getting lazy because the one playing our boss went away for a while with one bodyguard. Me and 2 others were looking up the hill when we see them fall together with a unknown person that looks down the hill.

We mount up fast and drive up there to check. our guys were knifed and the people who had done it were blaming it on some people that were about 200 meters away. No way we thought and me and an other we press check our pistols ready to shoot. Our driver gets out to divert their attention from the car. I was now running a akimbo setup with a M&P in one hand and a 1911 in the other. I was waiting on my friend in the back seat to give the go. We were planing up who to shoot. Now! i jump out of the car firing one of my guns towards a guys who had just let down his guard with his gun and the other against 2 people who didn’t look like they had any guns. Although it was firing any shots weren’t coming out so i overtake primary fire with the M&P still running. I had gotten about 5 meters from the car when i suddenly get shot in my right arm. i fell to the floor and see one more buddy go down. Only the driver and one last enemy standing. I can see from the town center the VALV and VOPA assembling to come up to our position. Our driver is now behind the car looking at the enemy. I see the enemy lowering his weapon because he now think that he doesn’t have a gun and starts moving in for a easy kill. The driver sees his chance and comes out with an extra M&P he had on him and takes out the enemy with 1 shoot.

Valv and vopa is now about 30 meters away when our driver gets shoot from another camp close. Valv stopps the firefight and vopa moves in to heal everyone to bring justice towards the ones who wronged. The bikecrew came over and said that we were attacked first and that the knifeman from the enemy should be brought to justice. I don’t like Vopa crew, but if they say we are free to leave then just smile and wave. The knifeman was now in custody and brought to the Stars for interrogation and trail. We heard that most probably he would be executed since the whole crew was thieves so this would set an example. No problem for us we thought and stood there. One of the girls tied to sneak past. She was walking like she owned it stright past Stars, but i caught her with my eye and pointed and told she was walking with a loaded weapon. 3 of the officers turned at her and told her to step away. It felt good to have law and order on our side when it was what we were sent out to destroy. i keept staring at one of the crew and keept thinking how fun it would be to drag him after our car. He had some mask on his face, thinking it was intimidating he stared back. A couple of minute staring i noticed how he started talking to his friends to look too…i think he feelt somewhat unpleasant with me looking. It was maybe my mental pictures of turning him inside out whilst feeding him to the undead that maybe got him to feel it inside of him. They started walking away. We knew that they were coming back to save their friend, but we didnt care. If they got him out we would return to kill them all.

After this 2 team members wanted to take a time out since the weather was burning hot. We drove the to the Unknown base to leave them and went back to talk to a guy named Micro to guy som more bullets. He got shot 3 times whilst we were trying to get a deal through. Well during our wait we heard something about truth serum and decided that it was a good idea if only one went down to talk. Me and another member had high watch and close car support if the zombies were to come. A big group of people arrived at the checkpoint at Valv and were acting all strange and shit. Next thing you know they start shooting as hell. Holy shit i thought to myself and called down to hannes who had close car support to mount up and to start getting over there. I was looking at the tent where Nic had gone in to buy the bullets. I see him emerging  with 2 others, one looks to be Micro and i rush down to our car and sit in the passenger seat. I inform Hannes where we need to be with the car. We go around a corner and see Nic still backing up with the two HVT:s. We stop about 2 meters behind them to get them in the car. Nic sits in the car as i screm to our HVT:s to get in the car. They mount up on the back since it’s a pickup truck. I see a small aircraft sending out poison gas and decide and think “Well fuck this, i’m supposed to kill these MF”s” and mount up in the car. We drive around but we can see that the two on the bed are dead…shit…

We wait for Micro number 5 in the death count to arrive to the base to be able to finally go through with the transaction. Finally bullets! Some 400 of them to give to all our friends.We return to base to pickup our team members to go on some missions. In the base i see that girl who i talked to before. She is standing there with 2 uniformed Unknown-soldiers. Still don’t know if she’s with us or just out after some missions. Better keep away just so my cover doesn’t get blown, just in case. The whole team is now ready and we go down to town again. We see a fight between zombies and umbrella zombies….where the umbrella zombies are biting the zombies to death…that was wierd. We heard that some of our troops were attacked by some zombies with some kind of a green scarf around their heads. Guess that was them.

Arriving in the city we notice that there isn’t much to do and leave just as Mr. Black and Dr.K arrive to talk in the city. Since we had other things to do we went away to meet up with the commander of the unknown to get some money for more bullets. Whilst standing there i turn around to check the road and see that about 300 meters away Mr. Black and Dr. K were coming straight towards us. Shit…we are with them but we are clothed as civilians. Nic decides to stay outside and present us. this goes actually well and he gets to talk to Dr. K about our intentions in the area. We all survived it. Cool.

We went to the old graveyard to meet up with our commander where we get the money and that we learn who is Overmind, the leader of the undead. We had our suspects and we were actually correct. Awesome.

We go back to base and change to our Unknown clothing. Finally some real threads for the blood to spill the ground around me. Night is starting to fall and we gather a bigger group of unknown to assault the FA camp. We have a good strategy and go forwards with it. But in the darkness of the forest we get split up into 2 groups where we don’t know where the others are. We decide to backtrack to get contact with our friends. We find the somewhat more to the left than we first thought. We launch our attack against the FA camp where we fire away against spirits standing around and talking. Everyone was not there apparently. Oh well, we go towards Valv headquarters to gather some intel. After a coorinated attack we get away with a briefcase with some papers in and some more good stuff. The night gets dark and we go to bed to not be eaten by the darklings.

Morning again. Last day of our mission. We have to get this to count. We go in as civilians to reprehendo where we see a group of FA soldiers patroling. Nic which is a hot head in the group says we should take them, but since we wait so lon the go around a corner before we engage. Bad move, we should have taken them before or skipped it. It was somewhat of a stale engagement that didn’t  really go anywhere. After losing a couple of people we run back into Argentum where Valv is a little wierd against us. Must be because some of the people of yesterdays attack was next to us. I knock out a FA-soldier in the middle of everything and just kneel over him. No-one asked what i was doing or anything. Nic opened fire and so did i against the Valv Checkpoint. It was very good body armors since some bullets just bounced of them. I got shot down. Now lying there in my own pool of blood seeing the zombies starting to walk into the city…finally the sweet feeling of death surrounding me. Explosions sounded like clarinettes of the dooming orchestra that was soon to kill all civilians…no more pain…no more sound. Just a equilibrium around me. Vanishing into the dark…maybe returning in a while. Until then…watch the shadows….


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// Senchoo

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