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TM L96 AWS: Feeding lip

Well. I was sellng my L96 since i didn’t have the time for it. Bought it for a quite hefty price when it was new, but now that Well is doning its clone so now it’s close to zero chance of me selling it for a reasonable price.

Although this got me thinking. I do not like my ATOZ Svd since of it’s build and noise, i like the VSR for it’s custom-ability but not for how it works with the hop unless you upgrade. Then it got me thinking back to my L96…why did i buy it?

Well first of I loved the hop system. VSR-bucking with even pressure on both sides without a lot of modding and also easy to access on the fly without getting in the way at all. And from what i hear you can add a SHS nub without mods. This is also perfect for a R-hop.

The modell. I like the L96 for the looks. Don’t know why…but i know i liked t before counterstrike so it’s not because i love quick-scoping.

The ease of upgradeparts that came very fast. And the loading mechanism was adopted very fast for the ASG Ashbury with a very similar system for feeding the BB from the magazine which i liked.

So to start it all off i got a hold of myself and chcked what kind of upgrades i had money for. I was thinking power from the very first beginning since a sniper has to reach out and touch someone. So i also saw that the most powerfull spring for a L96 was 145mps without going to some super-springs. But i thought that with the right spring and some work on getting the system leakfree will be the right way. And a R-hop + precision barrel would atleast give me a good shooting group at about 80-90 meters if the weather i good.

But to the upgrades! The most unique part is also the most fragile. The lip that feeds the BB from the magazine always gets some pressure  from the spring in the magazine. So loading it to much could break it off. Thank god AirsofPro had som CNC ones in store so it was just to buy one and install.


As you can see there isn’t much difference in the parts except that th opeing for where the C-clip is supposed to be is a little bit larger. After putting it in i can tell you that i haven’t noticed anything that would do any damage in the gun.


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