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Homefront PWS SMG Part 1

One of my all time favorite guns is the SMG from the game Homefront. But i didn’t only want the outside to be good, but also the inside. Therefore a traditionall V.2 gearbox just wouldn’t cut it. So i got myself a ICS M4 with a split gearbox. easy to upgrade/downgrade without having to battle a spring and balancing the gears at the same time.

What’s my changelog of the gun?

  • Install Madbull PWS Diablo frontkit

This was a little harder than i expected. Since madbull follows the airsoft norm of threading and ICS goes with the crazy G&P threading it had to be modyfied to be able to fit. I used the Madbull Delta Ring Modification Kit. With a little lubricationi worked perfect. Only waiting for the PWS delta ring wrench because i dont have anything that works to tighten it without making marks inte the delta ring.

  • Draw the battery connector to the back

Bought a switch assembly to just drop in to fix this. Really easy to open and the AR-latch didn’t fight because of the split gearbox design with a spring release button. All done!

  • Install Madbull ACE SOCOM stock

Well…next big problem. The stock adapter for ICS is a little tricky since the screw from the stock fastens in the end of the adapter and the adapter must be shortened for the ACE stock to be usefull as a LiPo tube. So the adapter must be modded as a MF. Still not done but i have an idea on how i will do it.

  • Get a hold on a AWS Raptor Mosfet

Easy install just like the switch assembly. It just costs a little money and is a little hard to come by. But within the year 2012 i will have it fixed aswell.

That’s what i got for now. Will update with a couple of pics on the project in a later post. Keep checking this category.

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