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Madbull PWS Wrench

Well as i said before i hade some issues with my PWS Diablo frontkit. I couldn’t tighten it enough with the tools I had. So i decided to buy myself a Madbull PWS wrench and got it today! And i couldn’t wait to use it.

My girlfriend had her camera with her so we could take some unboxing-ish pictures. The first thing that struck me was the weight. I was expecting a aluminum bit that couldn’ take abuse. But wow! it was heavy and really stable in my hand and i could tell that it was a tool you only had to buy once.

Off with the rails from the PWS system so i could get to the delta ring.

Oce they were off it was all about tightening the delta ring. But before you do that release the screw that acts like the piston fastening the delta ring. Then it’s just to turn it with the wrench.

I could turn it about 30 extra degrees (!), which is alot when it comes to stablility of the frontend. After the tightening it was time to put on the rails and accessories again.

When it was done i just had to take a picture of my two favorite gunmodells ever. PWS Diablo with XTM panels and the HK416. I just wish that madbull made 416 uppers (and lowers) for ICS and then my life would be complete.

The verdict of this tool:

  • If you are going to buy a PWS front from Madbull buy this tool at the same time. It’s just $12 and it’s worth every cent. Also if you’re getting the Daniel Defence front the have a tool for that too. It will make installation really easy!
  • Materials of the wrench is A+. Really stable and I will not have to buy another tool for PWs fronts in a very long time.

Pricing is about $12 from eHobbyAsia, shipping is $8 for slow and $26 for express to Sweden. I took slow delivery that should take about 10-20 workdays, during the holiday season i was ready that it should have taken longer. It took 5 workdays (!!!). So really good time there eHobby! And thank you for quality stuff Madbull!

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