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Published on August 30th, 2013 | by Senchoo


Night Evolution M600C and Element Offset Mount 600/300

Since i did no longer hav a light for my gun because the one i used was way too bulky for me to be anywhere near comfortable with what i had i needed to get a new setup.
What caught my eye was all of these low-pro mounts for flashlights. Although i wanted to get a flashlight with IR capabilities. Problem was only that LED doesn’t give white and IR light at the same time even if you set a IR-filter on. But that problem can be fixed, just hold on to the end of the review.

Night Evolution M600c

This review is about the mounting option together with this type of light. It is not about the light since there are so many videos describing how well it works and so on.
So on to the mounting. There are 2 screws holding the scoutlight in place on it’s typical mount. Just take out the 2 screws holding it in place and then it’s done. Just use the screws that are included to the offset mount and tehre you have it.

Night Evolution M600c

The 2 screws you see are actually not the ones holging it to the mount. They are just there so i don’t lose them. The mounting screws are underneath. The great thing with this type of mount is that you get 8 new mouting options. 2 extra on each rail. Reson why i chose one of these solutions is because i like pointing my thumb against my target, but with a standard mount it didn’t really feel good. And having a small light on the lower rail meant that i had to lift my rifle a bit more over cover to be able to light up what i’m aiming at. So mounting it where i have it makes me able to point my thumb at target and if i need the light i only move it a bit up to be able to use my thumb. On my weak side i can c-clamp it and reach the light pretty easy without getting in the way of my optics.

Night Evolution M600c

The mount is really stable if you tighten it up good. Then it will not move. Although i would like to see the actual part that tightens against the rail to be a bit wider. There is another version for the M951 taht is wider mostly because the mountpoints on the light is a little bit further apart than on the scout-lights.

Night Evolution M600c

So in all i am happy with the mount. The Mk18 rail have is a ACM rail so it’s a little off-spec. On my Madbull Diablo rail it fits like a glove. So maybe time to upgrade the rails when the time is right.
And about my solution. Surefire has their V-versions of the most popular lights which then has 2 lights in one. One white and then one IR. No flipcover required, just a turn of the head of the light and it’s fixed. So next time i update my light it will be a M952V light with an element offset mount.

So in all this is a good mounting option. It is sturdy for the price that will land about 15 dollars. And not any fantasy price most RS makers will charge for a bit of metal with a overpriced logo on it.

Night Evolution M600c

I finish with a picture of my current MK18 setup. It isn’t 100% true, but i love it as it’s setup now.
Next review i will give is on Helikon TEX clothing. Until then take care.

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