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WE CO2 Glock Mag

Well finally a new magazine is here for my soon to be cold winter nights. Which unfortunately is like 7 months of a year and 3 are a little iffy.
But to cut it short this means that i have something else to go to when it gets a little colder than so that gas mags just wont cut it.

First off i need to say i have a TM Glock 17 with following: PGC slide+barrel+recoil rod, Guarder lower, 150% hammer and recoil spring, guarder steel sights. So this is not your typical TM/WE glock being used for testing. And these mags are specifically for WE Glock 17/19 guns and should not be used together with stock TM guns.

What’s included?
The mag, cartridge screw, 2x magwell extenders, G#52 (WE nozzle returnspringguide), magplate and cartridge screw key. The G#52 and magwell extenders are not in the picture.


Compatibility is the WE Glock and TM Glock. This is because the WE is a clone if you will of the TM with some small differences. So if your gun is a clone that uses TM magazines this will fit.
WE is the one in the center, TM mag with guarder high flow valve on left, and original TM on the right.

And if you worry this will increase the fps/mps of you gun you need to know that these are pre-regulated inside of the magazine so no worries of shooting to hot. With my Glock i was in about 85 mps (280fps) .20 gram with about 3/4 of a cartridge left. We also tried this in a WE Glock where my teammate said that the kick was buffed but distance was about the same if not a little longer range. But what is really fun is that there is almost no cooldown effect at all. Cool down is when you fire alot of rounds after one another the gas gets cooled so that you get a drop in performance. This is also the reason paintballers go with either HPA or CO2.
I got about 2,5 mags out of every new cartridge with a good effect.

The screw and key that are included are a little iffy. The screw is not thick enough to be able to grip around the key enough without the risk of slipping and ruining the screw. But sure enough there is a steel version of this to get from WE as well. Although i cannot say what quality it has until i get it i would see this replaced post haste for it not to be a problem during a game.

I think this is a good investment if you play in a colder area of the world and really need to rely on those follow up shots that can take a turn for the worse if the weather isn’t on the green gas side. Just remember since CO2 doesn’t include any lube inside it as Green gas you will have to take extra care of your gun before and after the game.


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