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Glock 17 CQB/sniper

I have had a TM Glock 17 as my secondary a long time. It was custom when i bought it used. PGC slide and good internals. But then i came across the Guarder gas with 220 psi of pressure and the lower frame didn’t handle it very well.

So from sitting on my bookshelf for about 6 months i finally started checking out what i wanted to do with it. So i have now ordered a Guarder OD lower frame for it.  I was actually supposed to get it today but i think it was delayed because of the new years, so bear with me.

The other plans are to fit a slim supressor on it and a x300 surefire light. The suppressor must be 25 or less in diameter or the safariland will not take it very well.

So short story of the plan is:

  • Fix the gun to working order with the new frame (soon done)
  • Find silencer that is slimmer or equal to 25mm (found some on airsoftglobal but they are all out)
  • Get ahold of a Streamlight TLR-1s + Glock pressureswitch
  • Get ahold of a Safariland 6004 with room for a glock 17 + TLR-1
  • Mod the safariland to be able to take the glock with the silencer.

Stay tuned for my build. After posting this i found the TLR-1s and i fell in love. Surefire is great and all that…but money talks and i want it to be in my favour.

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