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Nordic Operations: Drop the Bomb!

Well for a looong time ago I said that I would show you a video from the game where I got to drop a nade in the US base. Well, it wasn’t rehearsed or even thought of when it happended.

Okey for the whole story. This game, which we don’t speak of again, was a very micro managed game from the host. So the point of this is me and my team mate were captured* from our PMC base to be taken to the US base. We had instructions to not put up a big fight and try not to kill any nato forces. You see where this is going right? So i get shot after i shot a couple of shots against a windshield of one of the cars (they didn’t count as any hits or anything).

After this we get driven to the US base where as i am bleeding out in the back seat of a car as the same time the host has to order the convoy to stop so that he can get to the US base first for setting up for filming. Yea, now you know what’s going on. We start again with tour tor to the base where a PJ Medic is waiting (the girl aka Lina) Bonus CLIP!!!. During the time i get medicated in the back seat there is another guy pointing his gun at me. Now this is role playing since the rules say i am incapacitated and cannot do anything. Well finally when i am brought back, the guy holsters his gun and jumps out and Lina walks out telling me to come out.

So here i am with no surveillance with my hands tied behind my back. And i come to realize that i have 3 grenades of the Enola Gaye variant receding in my dump pouch that is behind me. I stick my hand down and get a hold of one. I take the cap off and start the fuse, which burns through my Mechanix gloves, and i spin around while i step out. I feel how it leaves my hands, but it didn’t feel how far it went. A thought just appears: “Oh lord did I just drop a live nade inte my own dump pouch?!?”. As you can see at 4:27 i am a little cuddled up thinking this will hurt.

But to my surprise i threw it far enough to be out of the kill zone and that the other team mate was also out of the kill zone.  After a while he makes a run for it, a couple of minutes later the danish team turns up to assault the US base. Where as i am in the middle of it. Everyone gets shot and there is smoke everywhere. 2 danish guys come out of the smoke and i show my back that i am tied up. They look at each other asking if they should take me with them. Of course they did and as we exit the main gate a big cloud of BB’s come towards us and take out my captives. And there i stood, tied hands and a machine gunner yelling in Danish: “You were supposed to say when you were getting out, now look what happened!”.

Story ends that the Danish let me go and i survive the whole ordeal.

Now afterwards when reading what people liked and disliked with the game the one thing that caught my eye was one who said the game was great except the thing with the grenade. That was very non-MILSIM. So the only thing that wasn’t micro managed and was only possible because people forgot to check me was the only thing that was bad. Yea, i don’t think so. The videos here after isn’t mine. The first one is the whole story here, second one is when we get captured*, third is when we were trying to sell AA for about an hour and then got slaughtered by a armored car that we didn’t have anything in our inventory to take it out…yea…the game we never speak of again.

*Captured in the sense of being a help less dog with sprained ankles and no will of it’s own larp.



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