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Glock 17 Update: Guarder Lower Frame

Well as i said in my latest post before this i was waiting on the lower frame for the Glock 17. And well…it came today! It took 6 days for the slowest transport method and this was over the holiday season! Great shipping eHobbyAsia, I am damn proud of you!

On to the pics and installation!

The packageing was quite basic. A sealed bag and a little note on it.

First when i held it in my hand it felt very fragile and I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be as good aas the original frame. But it was only the plastic and didn’t have any of the internals in it yet so i would still give it a chance. What comes with the frame is also a screw for the front since you no longer just screw it into the frameplastic but a metal brace .

And what you can also se is that it is much finer threading on the new screw. And the new screw is also a litlle bit longer.

Next of it was time to ready the new frame for installation. Since there is a little flaw in the Guarder design that could potentially snap the frame at the front because of this:

And since there is nothing there to fill it there is a possibility that if you have a light on it would snap off during fireing. The solution for us that cant do any of our own plastic is to fill it up with a material so it takes contact between the frame and the metalpiece that is ontop of it. I used black ducttape (but silver will do fine aswell) and put multiple layers, fitted the metalpiece and checked if it had contact or if it was to much. You do not want to put excessive tape to push down because then you could snap it the other way.

I did put 1 layer to much and checked if it took effect on the metal. And then took that extra layer off and doublechecked the height.

Sorry that the picrure is a little blurry, but i didn’t have time to doublecheck the quality on the computer during the installation.

Next up it was to put everything from the old to the new. The order i did this in was:

  • Took out magrelese and its spring and put it directly in the new (recommended so that the hole to work in isn’t filled with other internals)
  • Took out the slidelock by pushing down on the plate and sliding it to the side
  • Took out pins from old
  • Took out screws from old
  • Released the spring between trigger and trigger assembly
  • Slided out the rest of the interals
  • Checked my fix on the new slide with the piece that is ontop
  • Put in the back internals first and fitted the trigger to the hole for it
  • Put in numberplate  and then the metalpiece that is over the front of the lower also fitted the trigger into the piece
  • Put the spring back to the metalpiece and slided it all into place
  • Put pin back in the back
  • Put the pin in the front (right to left with the grooves of the pin on the right aswell) so far that it only holds right side and is just at the end of the trigger
  • Put the sliderelease back in and balance it whilst pushing the front pin so it passes the trigger and fastens the sliderelease
  • Now i took the screws and put them in their holes (remember the new screw that came with the body, use the old screw from the back internals to fasten the to the new)
  • Put back in the slidelock

Then it’s just to put the pins right, the front one can be really hard to get in. It takes some time but whatever you do don’t use a big hammer. If something is stuck you don’t want to break it off! I used the back of my screwdriver that is made in plastic, took some time but didn’t deform the end of the pin.

Then after all that i was done. All i had to do now was to testfire the gun and it performed just as beautifully as before it got damaged. i realised..i didn’t tell you what the damage was before. Well you know the hole for the screw that holds the back internals. I used too strong gas a while and the hole was damaged making the back internals able to move a little making the “hammer” not able to lock back as it should.

So use 220 psi gas at your own risk. It can damage more than the frame (my original backsight flew off).

So i still got some things to do, getting ahold of a threaded outer barrel, silencer, holster and the TLR-1s. next on my projectslist i will be making my own shooting targets from a piece of left over candle sheet metal. I really don’t know what the name is but you will se pictures of it later.

To end it all here is the results of my work today:


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