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MDD Version 3 Hop up chamber PTW

So for a long time i have a standard PTW hop up and it worked really well.

But sometimes between games somehow the hop is a little of. Could be the humidity, temperature or the Coriolis effect…okey, maybe not the last one. But there has always been a time before a game i had to set the hop up correct for that day and with the original chamber it would be a hustle. For every adjustment i had to remove the mag and use the small screw to set it. This was time consuming to say the least and it was never perfect.

So i asked my buddy on what hop chamber he recommended for a through-the-ejectionport adjuster. He said without a doubt The MDD v3 and he also gave me a good price on it on one he had in his shelf. The video explains problems i encountered for it to be a drop in.

  • The locking piece did not fit the brass chamber of the original PTW hop. This was an easy fix, i used the original one. It fit like a glove.
  • The rubber holder piece didn’t release the pin. No matter the force i put into it t would not give in. Will have to use some kind of tool to push it out. i Went with the original instead.

Other than this it was perfect in every way. The problems i heard the v2 had are long gone and the tolerances are almost perfect. If you have chance, try it out.

PS. Sorry for the sound of the auto focus.

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