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Unboxing: GLOCK 18C GEN4 (Project RS Case from NonEx)

Some say that it’s all in the details. And i have to agree on this one.

Airsoft packaging has never been fun to open. Usually just some platic holding the gun in place, BB’s you won’t be using and a battery with charger that is more a safety hazard than sharks with lazers on their (frekkin) heads. So since my old Glock was busted from hell i thought, let’s sell one thing and buy another. That’s when i saw that NonEx was selling one of his Glock 18C with a project RS case. You know the dream you have that you display your guns at home and someone asks “Is that a real gun?” and their “ok?!” face when you say no to them.

Well if you display the gun with this case their first reaction will be “WOOOOW!!!” or “Why the fuck do you have a gun on display like that?!?!”, because the question if it’s real will probably be answered by them selves.

Enough chit chat Senchoo and let’s see the pics!

Alright alright! But first I have to give creds to the guy who put this together…and oh yea…did i tell you that the same guy made sure that green gas airsoft guns became legal in Sweden from the start of 2015? Guess I didn’t…but it’s all in the details.

NonEx Youtube channel

NonEx unboxing of his Glock 17 GEN4 Project RS Case


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