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Source 2L Low Profile Hydration bladder

After a little more than 1 year of usage i can finally give info about the bladder.

A quick and easy overview of the Source bladder that is recommended by the manufacturer Snigeldesign to be used with their PALS-11 backpiece.

It’s 2 Liter (70oz) pouch with quick detach hose both at the bladder and bite valves end. It has a glass like interior that needs no cleaning with a brush. Only rinse with medium temperature water. Lining is a IR material that doesn’t stick out via IR-signature.

Easy to fill and due to its low profile can be used in most backpieces that allow a SAPI Medium plate. Usually a tight fit, but is beneficial for keeping it in place and not making sound.

Any questions on the PALS system or the water bladder just comment. I have been using it for more than 1 year.

Where i bought it;
Fältbutiken Sweden:

Short story: In the PALS-10+11 system i carry it in, it’s not in the way and is easy to refill. Has 2 Liters in volume which is good enough for a half day in the woods running around. It fits me.

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