ACT in Black DTNVG overview for pre-orders

**UPDATE** Pre-orders are fixed and it is now in production

Well it is of lately that i have taken a real big shine to Night Vision and started to appreciate it for what it is. A fun way of enjoying a stroll in the darkness. And seeing the amount of car alarms in the parkinglot outside.

But sometimes there is something coming up that all of a sudden catches my eye on the market. For people that are returning to read here have certainly seen that i’ve mentioned Act in Black (ACT) for being the first company outside of the US that now are ITAR free on Gen3. From the release of the Lunox that was a really good alternative to all the PVS-14 there was out there they have had quite a lot to live up to.

Since September this year the DTNVG has been available for a lovely sum of cash. Although there is no beating around the bush that getting brand spanking new NODs will cost a lot, you will be getting some real quality stuff that is made to hold military standards and in some case surpass them.

There has been some of these flying around in testing phase and since they’ve been picked up by TNVC and Adams Industries in the US, i’m guessing they’ve been turning heads.

From what i could read from the page they need still some pre-orders to get things going. And if you have any queries Please Contact

Check out their website at ACT in Black and their Facebook Page

Read more about the specific products:



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