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Well as you maybe know if you follow this blogg in any style and saw the last post that the ACT DTNVG is in production. TF Hotel-Sierra has run a small overview of the AVS conversion kit for the bridge system and talks about the benefits of going over from an older ANVIS 6/9 to the DTNVG bridge system.

Benefits included:

  • Stable as fuck platform instead of wobly old ANVIS bridge
  • Dovetail interface (for that Wilcox L4G24 goodness)
  • Flip up the tubes (for looking with 1 naked eye or for closer helmet storage)
  • Made of high density plastic for lower weight (530 grams/1,16 pounds including lenses,tubes and battery)
  • Tactile on/off switch
  • Integrated battery (CR123A)

And with all the benefits there must be a downside to it, right? Well except that for some reason there is no lanyard included for making sure you don’t drop the unicorn, shattering the dream. But that’s nothing a little 550 cord can’t fix.

If you liked the video make sure to check out TF Hotel-Sierra both on Facebook and on Youtube. All credit for

For more info on the DTNVG, remember to check out ACT in Black

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