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Kireru Airsoft – Project Gecko video

Well a lot of us always have the dream to get to learn the real ropes of CQB where instructors yell at you whilst wearing a Under Armour shirt and a pair of cool sunglasses. And that every picture taken at that event looks like you’ve been doing this for a long while. If this is for playing airsoft or assaulting a school filled with puppies we will never know.

Just kidding, Project gecko is a company directed to Tactical Training and consulting. Something that is different than most other training companies is that they utilize airsoft weapons directly, and i know that if you’re here reading you must at least have 1. I was in contact with Kireru just at this video came out and they were looking to extend the countries that could have the training. But for now let’s just enjoy the video.

If you enjoy the video remember to check out Kireru’s Youtube by clicking here -> Kireru Airsoft Youtube

And if you want to learn more about Project Gecko check out their website here -> Project Gecko Homepage

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