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Published on January 9th, 2012 | by Senchoo


But why? Because I Senchoo!

I started out with airsoft in 2005 and got dragged in alot more than i ever thought i would be. Nowadays I do not only play airsoft but I am also very active in teaching it to new players and try to answer any question that is airsoftrelated they throw at me.

What I try to get out from airsofting is not only fresh air and exercise, but I also learn alot about the technology and try to improve designs and do things others haven’t done before.

I am a writer and product tester at Airsoft.nu which is a Swedish airsoft-site. What I write there are small news articles and some of the testing I do to the products that get sent to us.

What’s the meaning of this blog then? Well, I had a blog before at blogspot.com but when I got asked by MadBull to test some things in their reviewer project I didn’t think that the blogspot site was holding the standards. So I started this site instead and got my own URL. I will write about all the things I get that are airsoft related and my current and future projects.

I will try to fill this blog with a lot of fun things to read about and try to get you as the reader want to try some things that I write about.

To get in contact with me you can find me here:

Twitter: Senchoo87

Facebook: Facebook.com/Senchoo

BF3 Battlelog (PC): Senchoo

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Started airsoft back in 2005. Now mostly working a day job and getting into the details of gear, optics and NVG.

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