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Real Fake Guns: How compatible are the replicas?

Let me present my good friend Grim. Starting out he did some weapon mods (Grim Weapon Pack) for GTA games from a long time ago. Next up was airsoft. I think that the transformation was very natural for this retro loving “bad boy”.  And wanting to keep creating he did what all of us do, we buy new parts for the guns he owned. But he wasn’t really happy with that so he bought the guns that were as close to the original he could get with the wallet. Inokatsu, Systema etc.

But when he finally realized that some parts were interchangeable with real steel parts (not only rails with the ar15 platform) he went all in. The inokatsu AK platform was the first thing to get swept up and got the whole shebang with wood furniture, gas tube, flash hider etc. I have had the luck to be able to get one of his guns during the time he had a bit of a rough patch, i got to help a friend and also get a very limited version of an AK (Inokatsu AIMS with real parts and cheese grater heat guard).

Now that he’s back on track he’s getting more traction than ever.  The absolute first project i ever saw from his new start was the grease gun for his HEAT movie impression. The gun was  S&T or Snow Wolf Grease Gun and was completely stock. He had this big idea that he wanted to start a bigger movement for people to become inspired to fix up their guns. Didn’t take that long before he wanted to remake a GHK AKM with a gas gun and also a Colt M16A1 because of his fascination with the old school Vietnam era.

What was so special with those? Well except that they had all the functions of the real firearm the Colt M16A1 had a real (yes i mean REAL) lower where the conversion was to use as much real as possible. Yes, the lower had everything real in it as hammer and such with a special solution Grim made. The GHK AKM was made up from about 70% of real Romanian AK parts.

Okey okey, so where do i fit in the picture? Well, at the time LCT Airsoft had announced the LC3 that was to be steel parts and of course just before i went to the G&G World Cup & Camo Festival i saw a picture that he had bought everything that was more or less a swap out. After the CAMO Festival I, through, was getting a LC3 for review. I needed to contact Grim as fast as possible when i new it was on the way and asked him if he wanted one of the first production models before they were released. I got a yes…several yeses, and some praise. And sure none the less I managed to put out the review and get it to him one month before official release.

As we say in Swedish: In i Dimman!

And all this work created the video you can see on top and a whole lot of hype for the LC3 that sparked everything related in a good amount of people getting real handguards to put on from a different varieties of surplus places. Everything from modern with rails to old school AK4 A.

Pic from Lunkvist Logement. Check link in credits.

This was his big break and now we will soon see how to remake a real G3 lower to accommodate the LC3 platform (or vice versa now that more than 50% of parts are soon real).  And it is around the bend! Until then we can see all his nice instagram where he as of now is doing a Zastava M53 redo with a G&G MG42 as a base. Now the real version converted with all airsoftparts will have more features than the original airsoft verison.

Edit: As posting this i got a few more videos from Grim showing the new M53 and it’s art in the making. Keep a look out!

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