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Homefront PWS Diablo

Finally i am all done with all the exterior of the gun. It took some time but finally i got all the parts and the spare time to fix it with my dear friend “The Reaper”.

Kitlist for this project:

  1. ICS M4 Pistol
  2. ICS Stock adapter
  3. ICS switch assembly (back)
  4. Madbull PWS Diablo 7″ frontset
  5. Madbull ACE Socom stock
  6. Magpul XTM panels (3 sets)
  7. Magpul AFG
  8. Magpul PTS MS2 sling
  9. ICS QD Slingmount
  10. Madbull QD Slingmount
  11. Madbull Ultimate springguide (for reviewing)
  12. Madbull Ultimate piston (for reviewing)
  13. M130 spring


  1. Madbull Delta ring modifier (Pro level)
  2. Dremel
  3. Basic set of screwdrivers (philips, flathead, insex)
  4. A file or a head for the dremel
  5. Madbull PWS wrench


The upper:

First off the upper was not in the metric format so that using the Delta ring Modifier from MadBull was on the todolist. Using this you need to have lubrication and not your typicall siliconeoil but an oil that is meant for this purpose. So find an oil for re-threading in a hardwarestore or go to a local fabricator and ask for a small quantity. Spare no expense on quality of the lubricant because the end result is based upon it. If not using any or wrong lubricant you could get small cracks in the threading that looks like someone hit it with a knife here and there.

The process of re-threading is to first set the upper in a sturdy place so it wont move around. if you have a traditionall M4 upper you only fasten it the best you can. If you have an ICS as i do you will have to place the upper gearbox in it aswell. The torque you need to use will make the body almost snap if you dont put in the upper gearbox. Use tape to hold it in and get a friend to hold it aswell.

Get ahold of 2x 1/4″ screw of a longer model for use with the tool. If you dont have that use screws that fit with a little power. Though keep in mind that they don’t fit aswell as they should and you may need a spair.

Next is to lubricate both the tool and threading and start with the side of the tool that is more sloped than the other (refer to the MadBull instructionall manual that comes with the tool) and twist 90 degress then 90 back. Then you twist it 180 degress and then 90 back. Keep repeating the 180 forward and 90 back untill you come to the end. Relubricate during this process for a finer finish. When you are at the end take the tool off and flip it so you use the other side. Repeat the threading process again. If you get much metal shavings use compressed air or a towel before continuing, you may take the tool of completely for the cleaning.

When done clean of the threads and tool with compressed air or if you don’t have that use a towel that you dont need later. Make sure you clean it really good since re-threading lubricant isn’t good to have on metal for a long period of time. After that try puting on your deltaring. It could be a little difficult but it will fit like a dream.

The lower:

The only thing that needed modding was the stockadapter ICS uses. The really big problem with this is that ICS was it’s threading at the end of the adapter. Works great with standard stocks. But since MadBulls ACE stock holds LiPo the fastening must be done further in. In other AEGs you only cut of a piece of the stock holder from the lower and then got on with it. But for me to do so i would be cutting of the piece that the buffertube would be fastened to.

But i got a fix for this. Cut the piece that has the threading off clenly. Keep the “wings” on it.   Then cut a piece off of the end that goes inside the lower equal to the threading piece. Next file or dremel down the wings of the end that will go in the buffertube. You can also use sandpaper. When it fits inside cut the end that goes in to the buffertube so that it doesn’t go further in to the buffer tube than the inside of the buffertube allows. Cut the adapter to about half and don’t worry about it. Or measure to get it perfect.

You will also need to file or dremel the lower part of the stock adapter aswell to get a good fit with the stock. Make measurements and keep trying the stock on during the time to check if it’s enough.

Next you will need to find a screw with right threadings for the stock adapter to fasten to the body. It will need to have a really low profile head so it doen’t obstruct the stock from sliding all the way. I took the old screw and cut off all but 2mm of the head and then made my own groove for the flathead screwdriver.

When installing it all fasten the adapter to the body with the modded screw. Put all your wiring through the adapter and the buffertube, next fit the buffertube on the adapter and put the special bracket and screw that you got with the stock through so it sticks into the body. take the threaded piece from the adapter that you cut off against the screw and start screwing the screw. Make sure the threaded piece gets in place inside the grooved partin the back of the lower. When it’s fastened you will notice that the screw sticks in to the body quite a bit into the body. Mark it where it comes out of the threaded piece and the cut the excess part off. Recommend to screw it out before doing that.

Reassemble it and put on your upper with gearbox and all in and try to close. Check so the screw doesn’t stop you from closing it all the way. If it doesn’t make sure that nothing stops you from it. The tappet plate maybe doesn’t go in it’s right place or the fake bolt catch (ping pong paddle) is maybe in the way. But check extra carefully if it’s the screw that stops you. If you suspect that it’s the screw just cut of a very small piece and try again.

When you get it together your done with the stock! Woohoo! Took some time but now it’s done.

The Gearbox:

Since i love ICS because of the splitt gearbox it’s easy as pie to mod the internals. Open the gun, take out the upper gearbox, open it holding the spring as usual, change parts then put it back together. Of course you should check compression when you change parts but that’s standard. Put it in your gun again and close. Perfect ^^


Well first of assemble the gun with the PWS front and ACE stock. Use the PWs wrench to make it fit perfect. Now you have a gun that is very flexible. ICS with split gearbox and great front and back parts.

I love the PWS gun from Homefront so this was perfect! Only thing that is missing right now is a AWS Raptor Mosfet. Well if you have questions please post them and i will try to answear when i got time.

Lets end this with a couple of pics of it finished. Later photo-ops will eventually come so keep a lookout.

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