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Project Gecko in Sweden is a no go, for now

Long story short, there was supposed to be a Project Gecko course this weekend, but it got cancelled due to no one paying the course fee.

I don’t know why no one ever asked a question. Or even comment on anything, until the course was cancelled. From this i had already spent 500 USD of my own money to be able to aid in the grenade part of the course. But that time will never be because of people jumping boat when it came due.

And this was a little what i feared from the start since Project Gecko is a big name and people wanted in. First of we started with people we knew would hold up for the entire course. Because let’s face it, this wouldn’t be an airsoft course, not a certifying course for you to hang up on a wall and boast about during Sunday brunch. This course was to be held to learn for yourself and not for a diploma. Not to become a better airsofter but to learn the real way. Stay alive and be effective, if you ever get to that in the real world.

I had very big hopes to at least prove myself so that i would, perhaps, in the future want to take part in another official course there wouldn’t be any hesitance to accept me in. That is to say if i was proven to have my head in the game so to speak.

Unfortunately this is not the first time I’ve been let down for people saying they are coming and then skipping out when it was time. Usually costing others money and a lot of time invested in getting preps done for nothing.

I will try to attend one in the future, but unless people pay up front I will not waste time for it in Sweden.

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