MIL-Simple NVG Lens Protectors

Why should you get lens protectors?

Murphys law always applies and if something can go wrong it will. And it doesn’t matter if you play with plastic slinging guns or on the range with the real stuff. So of course there are a very fast selection that can cost you a lot to very little. Here are a few products that I can help supply and at the same time you help me for future projects.

Because of high demand we do not have any 30mm filter holders in stock. Use the form below to get on a e-mailing list for an update when they're back.

Clear lens protector

We have all seen the lexan covers that are on the market, but the “fatal” flaw is that lexan is not extremely scratch resistant. It is still very impact resistant and if that’s all you looking for go ahead and get those. I aim a little higher with everything I do and I don’t like to just accept it. I wanted a material that has high optical clarity over time, was UV-resistant and very important is that it needs to hold for same or more impact than Lexan. It stopped at a material i am very happy to present to everyone else.

A hard coated poly carbonate that will keep up with your usage and does not have to be changed out now and again because it can’t keep up with the regular use. And important was that everything was machined out and not laser cut since PC becomes yellow of extreme high heat and that makes the surface treatment degrade from the start.

I have clear lenses in following sizes (16€ a piece):

  • 28 mm x 3 mm (for 30 mm filter holders)
  • 30 mm x 3 mm (for 30 mm filter holders and to use original eyepiece)
  • 33 mm x 3 mm (for perfect fit in PVS-15 front holders, also good for Contour cameras)
  • 36.3 mm x 3 mm (for perfect fit in PVS-14 and similar front holders)


Amber filters

To reduce the splash and intensity of the green (or white-ish blue) an amber filter helps out a lot. And sometimes a little too much where it actually degrades the image. The big point, for at least me, using night vision is to see in dark places. Shadows are some of those places and with some amber filters they become a little too dark. That’s why i’m selling Lite Amber Filters which is about half of a traditional Wilcox one. It reduces the highs without reducing the lows as much.

Made in acrylic since it is not available in that color for poly carbonate. Don’t worry, they are refurbishable if they get scratched and they will hold up to a BB.

Lite Amber Filter (22€ a piece):

  • 28 mm x 3 mm (for 30 mm filter holders)

Holders for lenses

Now you need something to hold the lenses in place. There is a lot of DIY solutions and by all means you are more than welcome to try it out. But some of the most used (and for good reason) is the Butler Creek ones for the front and 30mm filters for the back. The big reason is that you can do the “focus trick” with Butler Creek lens caps that help a lot in not having to choose what distance to view. If you buy it from me i can not only give you recommendations on what size of the hole but also make it for you (yea i’m a good guy).

Holders (holders only! with focus hole of your choice) (20€ a piece):

  • Butler Creek Eye 03 33mm (Perfect for PVS15 and similar)
  • Butler Creek Obj 07 36.3mm (Perfect for PVS14 and similar)

Combo! Get it all made into one and just delivered

We all want less fuss and just get the stuff to install and get out. And of course i will help you out with that. There are some that also give you a small discount and my 30 mm screw in filter holders are only available through these. Mostly so people that buy from me can get them first. NVG screw in protectors are really the bomb right now.

  • Butler Creek Holder (incl. drill for “focus trick”) + Clear protector: 32€
  • 30mm screw in holder + Lite Amber: 37€
  • 30mm screw in holder + Clear Protection: 32€

Last minute info + Q&A:

Add 4% to PP payment if not sent as friend, if you feel unsure send as regular payment.
Shipping depends on location and items but a set of lens protectors is about 2€ international, no tracking.
Dog not included in Amber filter purchases.

Q: How come you are a little more expensive than some others on like ebay etc.?
A: One reason is that some products don’t use the same materials as many of those. And secondly is that I can not benefit from the kickbacks of being a company just yet. I am sheltering the profits from this for my startup and I will soon give the market in Europe something very valuable for the NVG community. So if you want it to grow and get me there faster i would very much appreciate the help I get. Even if this is the first and last set of protection for your NVG you ever purchase it would make me very honored that you chose me and the effort I’ve put in choosing the materials that i like.

Want to order, something custom or have any questions?



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